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On an Ocean of Joy: Arjana and Ivan Spring Forth Sunny Bliss With Caribbean Manhattan 

Arjana Andris and her fiancé Ivan Danylets have managed cliché-defying odds: Sailing out of the back lounge of a cruise ship, they have pulled the tourists out of the dinner line and into the hold of an intimate martini bar, harnessing en-vogue nostalgia with an organic finesse. The resulting sound: an acoustic, joyful, centering, 100% real analog tonic for the over- digital -saturated soul. 

Combining the ear pleasing familiarity of well-known melodies while inspiring  a “come again?” head tilt in the playful and curious, the duo “Arjana and Ivan” has found the “earworm melodies you’ll recognize, although it may take a verse or two, with tempo and syllabic shifts you’ll fall in love with much quicker.” as observed by blogger Jeff Bogle, OWTK who continues, “Ivan’s keys and Arjana’s voice (and electric violin, at times) dances passionately around the lounge, while offering music loving ears a fresh challenge but never at the expense of a relaxed, fun attitude.” 

Sincerity and simplicity drive the pace of this album through 12 classic pop tune selections, a tender reimagination with just enough grit. “Can’t Hurry Love”, a surprising juxtaposition in tempo and lyric gives way to a reimagined “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” showcasing a playful, yet astute, understated jab at human fickleness and fair-weather friends.  Andris possesses a rare humor and an almost blasé edge, revealing bits of theatrical flair underscoring her Broadway- baby roots in an intriguing mix of depth and darkness with just enough light to leave the listener with a sense of joyful hope. It’s a sincere cheerfulness that lives not in spite of the deeper parts, but alongside them. 

Arjana Andris, vocal, from New York City by way of Newton, MA, has meandered through a sampler platter of vocal styles and landed, squarely, in the realm of Jazz. After gracing the stage as an actor in musicals, fronting a rock band, and lending some surprising violin licks to Peruvian folk music, her personal voice has only just started to speak for itself showing its deftness, a quick turn of phrase, melodic line, and strong sense of musicality. 

Ukrainian pianist Ivan Danylets brings as much Manhattan to “Caribbean Manhattan '' as longtime New Yorker Andris. A mischievous musical jokester buoyed by a strong foundation of cover bands, orchestra pits and jazz academia, Danylets forges ahead claiming his own space to wander and discover, free to express himself wholly here.  He adds punch and panache to Andris’ lyrical power, a clear and present half to a dynamic team. 

There’s a surprising depth to this candy colored cocktail glass of an album recorded entirely live on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea.  It is a personal audio scrapbook of a guy and a girl from opposite sides of the planet, who fell in love through musical collaboration and decided to create their own duo, make something new, and see how far that inspiration could go. Perhaps that’s why “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi resonates when Andris sings “It doesn’t even matter if we make it or not… we’ve got each other and that's a lot.” The song is, in essence, a love song tribute by these two themselves, two musicians in pursuit of (and actually living) the dream: creating and exploring with the love of your life. The result is a triumphant and exuberant claim of musicianship and self in a bold and timely coming out. 


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RELEASE TITLE:Caribbean Manhattan 


Live jazz music is not the reason one gets themselves to Seattle, pays the extra cash for a balcony room, and cruises up the Inside Passage to Alaska. But, while on board the Legend, both the jazz and the prime cuts of steak make you feel luxurious, like one of those pearl necklace wearing, champagne sipping upper crust, high society passengers on a majestic ocean liner from a century ago. There, on all but one night of Carnival’s week long sailing to Alaska, a charming duo from New York City called Arjana and Ivan feed modern pop songs, from Gaga to Sinatra and Heart to Madonna, through a post-Belle Epoque jazz music filter. Arjana and Ivan’s music is intoxicating, even more so after spending days with mouths agape in sea planes high above glaciers and on small boats viewing glacier ice sheathing, sea lions sleeping, mountain goats frolicking, and humpback whales breaching. Ivan’s keys and Arjana voice (and electric voila, at times) dances passionately around the lounge, weaving in and out of the dinner crowds coming and going, all while offering music loving ears a fresh challenge but never at the expense of a relaxed, fun attitude. Simply put, Arjana and Ivan ended up being, along with those steaks cooked to a perfect pink center and the glaciers, goats, sea lions, and whales, one of my personal highlights from our trip this summer. I’d often return to catch the end of their last set after the rest of the family had fallen asleep back in our cabin. It proved a sweet, sublime way to end a day at sea. The original arrangements of this talented girl-guy pair of jazz players gracing the Carnival Legend’s Atlantis Lounge present guests with earworm melodies you’ll recognize, although it may take a verse or two, with tempo and syllabic shifts you’ll fall in love with much quicker. You won’t book a cruise to Alaska to hear a killer jazz rendition of “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” but when you do book your Carnival cruise to Alaska, make a plan to spend a few chill evenings with Arjana and Ivan. Pro tip: download Arjana and Ivan’s debut album, “Us Now”. It’s stellar for dinner parties, sexy time, or simply chilling with the family (how’s that for versatile music!) ” - Jeff Bogle” - Kauwilaikalunaokeo Gormley

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Client reviews

sharon · married on 07/10/2018 


Arjana and Ivan completed our party — they are both extremely talented and warm. They did a particularly great job accommodating our requests and making all of us feel special. We highly recommend these musicians for any of your events. 

Sent on 07/01/2018 

Bill · event on: 06/19/2018 


I saw Arjana & Ivan during a cruise to Alaska. They performed during the cocktail hour daily and I made a special effort to enjoy their music daily. They are sort of a combination of jazz, pop, and saloon entertainers. They perform classics and contemporary music in their own uniquely arranged fashion. I loved both them and their performances. As people, they are personable and gregarious and ready for easy conversation; they are "nice" people. As musicians, Arjana's voice was mellifluous yet driving with excellent range and Ivan's keyboard work was classic highest-end jazz accompaniment. As if that were not enough, Arjana also plays a “mean” violin. Although I am certain that either can deliver prime-time entertainment individually, together they are just plain fabulous. As a duo, they compliment one another as well as the music being rendered. I was so impressed I not only purchased their CD for me, but also several copies as gifts. If you have the opportunity to see them or hire them, I can't recommend them more whole-heartedly. Their music and presence are a gift that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. As I said earlier, I loved them. 

Sent on 03/07/2018 

Shanelle · event on: 01/09/2018 


They had great charisma together and were the highlight of our evening. We really enjoyed listening to Ivan and Arjana, they had a wide array of songs and each one was performed to make it their own, which most of the time sounded better than the original version of the songs. They are both very talented as well as engaging, funny and kind to the audience. I would highly recommend them and really look forward to hearing them perform again live. You won't be disappointed if you choose them to perform at your event. 

Sent on 03/05/2018 

Marvin · event on: 01/04/2018 


We were on a 14 day Carnival cruise with Arjana and Ivan where they performed each evening. We don't normally care for jazz but both my wife and I immediately liked the way Arjana and Ivan took popular songs and set them to their own jazz style. We made a point to listen to them every evening and slowly got to know them by talking to them during breaks. They are both very personable and fun to talk to. 

We got a double dose of Arjana during the second half of the cruise after the rock band's lead singer had to leave because of illness and Arjana took over the position. We were stunned and amazed at her rock repertoire and her incredible range of talent. (Including the electric violin.) Her cover of "Bobbie McGee" was my favorite of all time! 

We also got to see Ivan play the piano solo several times. He is so talented! We loved sitting in the lounge and listening to him play. 

We were on the cruise 14 days and watched about 20 performances of Arjana and Ivan. We cruise a lot and by far they are the best we've ever heard on a cruise! We are hoping to link up with them again soon! 

Sent on 03/15/2018 

Mark · event on: 10/21/2017 


Arjana and Ivan performed for an intimate cocktail party at my house for family and friends. Their musicianship and professionalism was very inspiring and entertaining, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their performance. They were fantastic to work with and very accomodating to our requests. 

Sent on 03/07/2018 

Randy · event on: 09/03/2017 


Arjana and Ivan provided musical entertainment for an Alaskan cruise that my family was a part of. All of our family thourougly enjoyed their music/entertainment and would make sure that we attended all of their performances. However, it wasn't just the outstanding music that we appreciated, but it was also that fact that they were extremely friendly and always available to visit before and after their shows. We felt like we truly got to know them both through their music and their friendly openness. I would wholeheartedly recommend them and their delightful music for any occasion. I can't wait to see them again!! 

Sent on 03/05/2018 

Meighan · married on 09/02/2017 


Arjana and Ivan are the best. To this day, I STILL have wedding guests who compliment their music - Arjana's voice is lovely! And I really appreciated how they collaborated with us to find the best music to reflect our couple. The whole experience was easy, inspiring and fun (and really, what else could you ask for when planning a wedding?) 

Sent on 04/11/2018 

Jean · event on: 06/29/2017 


This charming duo possesses a rare combination of talent and warmth. We celebrated a memorable anniversary with them. 

Sent on 03/09/2018 

Carlos · event on: 06/23/2017 


It is hard to properly describe Arjana and Ivan because I don't know any other duo like them. 

Ivan is amazing. his prowess on the keyboard is of the highest level, his repertoire is without par. He is just as comfortable playing classical, pop, or rock. You only need to watch his intensity to immediately realize he is no second-rate lounge musician. This is a guy who is a student of his art and a master of his craft. Yet, he is never satisfied and continues to hone his skills and enrich his musical knowledge. The good news for you is that you can be assured he will give you his very best--and smile. 

Arjana, by herself, can also give a you a wide gamut of songs and styles. She has the pipes to belt out rock 'n' roll and pour a smooth glass of bossa nova. As if that weren't enough, she also plays the violin. She can use those strings to cheer you up or kill you softly. It all depends on what song you ask her to sing. As good as she is alone, she reaches another level when paired with Ivan. They define the term "musical chemistry". Watch and listen. Is she singing lead and he's accompanying? Or is he playing the melody and she's just enhancing the tune. Hard to tell. 

What is not hard is listening, swaying, and grooving with Arjana and Ivan. They are fabulous, a class act. If I had the means, i would hire them to play for me every Sunday morning--or for cocktails every evening. 

Sent on 03/07/2018 

Karen · event on: 05/16/2017 


WOW! This duo is amazing! We really enjoyed all the beautiful music Arjana and Ivan made during our Alaska cruise! They did it their way! R & B, country, rock, jazz and gospel! VERY TALENTED! 

Sent on 03/04/2018 

Catherine · event on: 04/29/2017 


Arjana and Ivan are an amazing duo. They perform fun, engaging pieces that really got me into the music and made me feel more part of the venue. Their vintage-pop music is an up-coming flare that really speaks to the musicians soul in me. It made me feel that the large venue I was in, was an intimate one. I credit Arjana and Ivan for that, because of how they treated me. They were kind and courteous, downright friendly. It made me feel wonderful; and was part of what kept me coming back every night to hear their glorious music. I admit, I saw them on a Large Cruise ship... so I didn't book them. But, I would in a heartbeat. When I need music... I know where to look. 

Sent on 03/06/2018 

Elisa · married on 10/03/2015 


Arjana and Ivan made my wedding so incredibly special!! Arjana's rendition of "At Last" had me and my guests in tears. She has an incredible presence and is so kind and easy to work with. After speaking to her, I had complete confidence that my cocktail hour would be a success and I wasn't disappointed! Multiple guests came up to me after the wedding and told me how much they enjoyed the music. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any event! 

Sent on 04/02/2018 

Kyle and Laura · event on: 07/03/2015 


From motown to 70's/80's pop, rock and dance, this duo knows how to get a crowd on its feet and have a GREAT time. Very few performers have the "it" factor. Arjana and Ivan have "it". Even more impressive is their versatility. They can mesmerize a crowd with a New York style jazz set that gives you goose bumps. They are personable and great performers! 

Sent on 03/11/2018 

Kyle and Laura · event on: 07/03/2015 


Very few performers have the "IT" factor. Arjana and Ivan have "IT". Even more impressive is their versatility. They can mesmerize a crowd with a New York style jazz set that gives you goose bumps. They are personable and great performers. We would love to see them perform again. Anyone who has them perform at their event will enjoy it! 

Sent on 03/25/2018 

Robert · event on: 07/03/2017 


Arjana and Ivan Are great musicians and entertainers. We met them aboard the Carnival Legend Cruise ship and we were so impressed with their performance we came back night after night. To our surprise each performance was better than the previous one. That shows the versatility of these two great entertainers. 

Sent on 03/05/2018

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